Thursday, September 25, 2008

Latest and Greatest

It's 4am here in central Missouri and this mama can't sleep...So, lucky you! The last time we updated this site was almost a year ago. I know it's totally shameful. BUT, we're back, this is a new website, and hopefully you'll be seeing more of us on-line.

Isaac was born on May 17th - the team of women that helped deliver him were awesome. We laughed, I screamed and grunted, Brooke fainted (classic and totally hilarious), and shortly thereafter, our little buddy was born! We celebrated his birth by planting a walnut tree on the family farm down in southern Missouri.

Just before Isaac's arrival, we refinished our floors. Nesting was a great motivator for staining floors, painting trim, and cleaning EVERYTHING. After Isaac was born, Wayne and Crystal, their 2 1/2 year old, Gavin, and their little buddy, Isaac, stayed with us in July. We loved having them. Crystal was an incredible help and made me realize, I need a wife!

Clark finished his intern year, we welcomed the new interns, and Clark is loving his second year.

Olivia will be two in October. She is talking, running everywhere, and winning people over with her adorable personality wherever she goes. We love our little buggy girl so much.