Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time Flies

Clark started a fire today. The house is cozy warm. Everyone is sleeping - a perfect time to write.

November was a month full of anticipation for a singular event - THANKSGIVING. Clark and I flew with the kids to Idaho to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We spent the week filling our bellies with great food and watching our kids play with their cousins. Dad did a masterful job being grandpa, from leaf fishing to bon fires to smores. Sue was incredible. There were seventeen of us in all, 10 adults, 7 children. I don't think she left the kitchen except to sleep and use the restroom. We were also able to spend an afternoon with my mom and her side of the family. I am so glad she and Steve were able to make it up to see us.

I had hoped for more one on one time with my sisters. I had envisioned us staying up late and talking, going for long walks with eachother and just being silly. That didn't really happen. With our growing broods, I am discovering this time of our lives is more about our children than eachother and that's okay. The Thanksgivings of my childhood are great memories - treasures. When I think of them I think of Granny's chocolate chip cookies. I think of sand castles and sea turtles. I think of the Ocean. I think of my cousins Avery and Mindi. I wonder what my children will remember? I am excited to help them create wonderful memories.

December finally felt like Christmas. This is the first time in such a long time that December has felt like Christmas. The decorations, the music, food and family. It was great. We brought home a pine from a tree farm, drank apple cider, went to Christmas parties, and attended Church services celbrating the birth of Christ. We spent Christmas day with friends and celebrated the New Year with family. Nothing out of the ordinary, really, but it felt so good. In the past I've been preoccupied or weighed down. Not this year. It was awesome from the 1st through the 31st. I hope to have many more Decembers like this one.

January, too early to tell and too tired to write anymore...goodnight friends & family, you are never far from our thoughts.