Monday, December 16, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close our family marvels at  how quickly time flies.  It seems like yesterday Clark and I were getting married and moving into our little apartment in the avenues in Salt Lake City, Utah.  That was eight years ago!

This year our sweet Olivia turned seven and started first grade.  She is beginning to read and we love watching her and listening to her as she picks up a book and tries to read it.  She continues to love school and has become good friends with everyone in her class.  Her favorite hobbies are dancing and drawing.  She takes ballet at a local performing arts center in town and goes through reams of paper sketching her favorite things: people, animals, and clothes.   She is also fond of making cards for everyone in the family and creating fancy notes for her friends at school.  Affectionate, creative, and playful we are lucky to have Olivia at the head of our little troop.

Isaac turned five this year.  He is growing in so many wonderful ways.  Although always ALL boy we are beginning to see him temper his personality.  He is becoming more polite and affectionate, making friends at school, and helping out more around the house.  He is becoming our BIG Isaac.   He is anxious to learn how to read and absolutely loves spending time with his daddy fishing, flying kites, and jumping on the trampoline.

Little Rae continues to be a bright light in our home.  Her affection, laughter, and playful personality make her the life of the party wherever she goes.  She is helping Isaac to develop patience through her merciless teasing and Olivia takes great pride in being Helen's big sister.  Right now babies are her favorite toys and sitting on mommy's lap with a book is one of her favorite things to do.

The children have brought Clark and I great comfort this year as we continue to grieve the loss of our parents.  Spending time with them, holding them, loving them, teaching them is a great reminder to us of the gift of life, how precious each day is, and the joy that can come from just being present when we are with them.  We continue to feel great sorrow and pain as we feel the absence of my mother and both of Clark's parents but we have also learned this year how meaningful and profound suffering can be for building faith and developing perspective.

We are grateful to be a family and feel more than ever that we are on a journey.  We are grateful that all of you are part of that journey.  We wish you all in the coming year peace, health, and happiness.

All Our Love,
Clark, Jessica, Olivia, Isaac, and Helen