Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Buddy is ONE

Today our Little Buddy turned one. I can't beleive it. No fan fare for him today, just lots of hugs and snuggles. Below are our latest and greatest pictures of him.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Biking the Katy

Clinton, Mo/// Highest Point on the Katy/// Great BBQ in Sedalia

Me and The Mighty Mo/// Out on the Trail//// Hartsburg, first B&B

Beautiful Bridges/// Lonely Trees/// Cute Lil' Foxes

The Lindenhoff in Augusta/// St. Charles (245 miles later)/// Heading Home

When Clark's father, Brian, dropped us off at the trail head in Clinton, Mo and we were finally on our way, we just looked at each other and grinned. "Is this really happening" we said out loud to each other. Five days, no kids, just us and our bikes. IT WAS AWESOME!

The weather was beautiful, perfect for riding. We fell in love with the Indigo Buntings, small bright blue birds that were all along the trail. The wild life was so much fun to see: birds, turtles, and foxes, snakes, lizards, and frogs. We averaged about 50 miles a day and were surprised to find ourselves alone most of the time. For long stretches it was just the two of us. The little towns that crop up along the Katy broke up the scenery and added to the charm of being out in the country. The landscapes were beautiful. We spent most of the time under a tree canopy just visiting or lost in our own thoughts. We camped and stayed at B&Bs along the way. This hippy mama has become more high maintenance as I get older, preferring feather beds to a sleeping bag, but, camping out with Clark was awesome. Cuddled up in a tent with him, no babies to wake us up at night, lazy mornings, then a long ride. It was perfect. The B&Bs were also a welcome for our soar bums and tired legs. Soaking in tubs, laying in posh beds, meeting fantastic hosts, and eating yummy food was great! Our favorite B&B by far was the Lindenhoff in Augusta.

The other riders we met along the way were great. Cyclists are some of the friendliest people. Ron from Indiana, the Wisher's from Chicago - we got caught in the rain with the Wisher's - we were all totally soaked but smiling the whole time. We also fell in love with Clinton, Pilot Grove, Hermann and Augusta. All four were really cute towns. In Hermann, we met up with Mimi, a good friend, who gave us an incredible tour (thanks Mimi!). For a long time we have said we are moving to the family farm after Clark finishes his training. Now these little tows have us dreaming about other future possibilities. We'll keep you posted.

As for our kiddos, Grandma Helena did a fantastic job taking care of them. Heavenly Father really answered our prayers. My hope was that they would feel loved, be safe, and not totally melt down in our absence. They both did great. Helena took them on long walks, sang songs to them, and let the farm be their playground. Though it was great to get away, I couldn't wait to see Olivia, to see her face, and hear her voice and hold little buddy in my arms. I thought about them every day, especially little buddy. Even on my bike I could feel him in my arms and imagine so easily giving his face and head little kisses. It was hard to be away from them.

Now it's Friday, a week ago we were in St. Charles. Now we are home and it's back to the grind. Clark's on call tonight, Grandma's back in Virginia, and today was full of feeding, changing, playing, and snuggling my kids. Yes, back to the grind but it's a good grind. Life here keeps us grounded and makes our little get aways that much more enjoyable. Thanks for checking in :)