Saturday, August 28, 2010

On July 23, 2010, Miss Helen Rae Andelin was born. 8lbs 1oz, 19 3/4 long. A perfect pink little bundle. It was so great delivering at Columbia Regional. Surrounded by Clark's co-workers, whom I've come to know so well the past three years, it felt like I was surrounded by family.

The delivery went well, no complications. Clark was kissing me and giving me encouragement the whole time. Those few days surrounding each delivery is such a special time for us. Friends watched Olivia and Isaac so we could revel in being new parents again the weekend she was born.

Olivia has proven to be a very affectionate and attentive big sister. She is constantly checking on Helen and letting me know whenever she cries that Helen is "thirsty". Isaac is a total maniac, unhappy as can be with our new arrival and letting me know with every shout, kick, and tantrum he throws. But, he is still our little buddy and I am trying hard to divide my attention three ways now.

Helen is named after Clark's grandmother, Helen Berry Andelin. She was a great woman and I am so glad we named her after a woman who left behind such a wonderful legacy. It is also touching that Helen was born on Aubrey and Helen's wedding anniversary. We like to think our little Helen was with Grandma and Grandpa before coming down to earth.

A week after Helen was born we drove out to Wichita, Kansas to drop off Olivia and Isaac to stay with Chip (Tanya) and Dave for a week-and-a-half. After many tearful phone calls from our little Lu Lu, we joined them after several days. Many of the most recent photos are from our time at Chip and Dave's. We spent most of our days in the backyard, playing in the water and feeding the chickens. Cheers to hot, sticky summer days in Missouri - bathing suits and water fights, treats and snacks, late nights, and long naps - a kids dream.


Veronica said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is just gorgeous! I was laughing when I heard y'all had a new baby, because I remember last November when you came to visit you mentioned that you "thought" you may be pregnant. And looky looky! Girl we have got to catch up. We miss our Andelins!

P.S. try not to worry too much about Isaac's attitude right now. Ethan was HORRIBLE when Hailey was born, and within a few months he loved her to death. Good luck being a mama to three! It is awesome!

miss b said...


She is the cute, cute,CUTEST! Sister, finally a lil bundgard bean... she looks like US! YAAAAY! Olivia in heels.... POSING, sooo classic. LOVE IT!

ohhh how i miss all your faces and can't believe isaac is such a little man!!!!


Jenny Bay said...

Wow, CONGRATULATIONS!! You have SUCH a cute family. I am so happy for you! Love ya!

Heidi Sanchez said...

Well it's about time you posted something on your blog!!! If you could now continue to do so more than once a year that would be great!!! Helen is just beautiful! I am so glad we got a chance to chat the other day. I miss my Jessica. Once again, congratulations on such a wonderful occasion. You and Clark do good work!! <3 Much Love. xoxo

Lynnae said...

Congratulations!!! She is beautiful.