Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ANDELIN UPDATE - It's about time, right :)


So, I started potty training Isaac this week. I have been putting it off, putting it off until I realized I just needed to do it. Otherwise, out little guy would be 18 and still in diapers! So NOT good for his social game.

Day 1 - total bust. No pee pee on the potty just whining all day for candy.
Day 2 - lots of wet shorts and lots of pee on the potty.
Day 3 - we went to the gym with undies on, no accidents - YAY BUDDY.


I am beginning to think she is a 15 year old trapped in a 4 year old body. We were outside the other day playing when she announced she had a great idea. Let's have a picnic!! On the menu - Juice Boxes and Crackers. She runs inside to get the juice boxes. Meanwhile I am outside on the phone. After coming back outside she tells me "instead of talking on the phone you could be more use by going inside to get a blanket." Okay, WHAT. Seriously.


Our little baby Helen is Walking. YAY FOR BABY HELEN! She is also climbing up and down the stairs. She's amazing. Our little sweet-heart is her mama's happy place. She is always smiling and totally obsessed with peek-a-boo.


Clarky loves it here in Mexico, MO. He is working hard to build his practice. He's doing speaking engagements, attending the Rotary, and his cute little wife is asking every pregnant lady she meets "Whose your OB?"

As for me, anyone who has talked to me these past few months knows that our move to Mexico from Columbia, Mo has been difficult for me. But, thankfully, as time continues to pass I find myself calming down and feeling more at home here. I hope to update this more regularly for I can't stand the idea of emailing, blogging, and facebooking - none of which I do but all of which seem like such a great way to stay connected. So I'm picking blogging and hope to silence all the haters out there who miss us and wish we would stay in better contact :).

Sending all of you our love.

Jess, Clark, O, Ike, and Baby Helen.


Heidi Barlow-Sanchez said...

It won't silence me... you should just move back to SLC... lol. The kids are growing up so fast. I miss you all dearly. xoxo

Jensen Family said...

We love the Andelins! Glad things are starting to settle after your move. Good luck with the potty training (dreading that with Soren in a year or so).

Jenny Bay said...

Cute family :)